Jimmy Buffett may have a massive following, but Rick Glaze is a fresh breeze, bringing sailing music to the outside world. From rock-ballad melodies like "The Purple River" to the poetic introspective look at middle age creeping up in "Over," his music resonates, even if the water isn't lapping at the side of your boat." (see the whole article at the web site indicated)” - Michelle Hurni

Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine

Whether it’s in the blustery San Francisco Bay or the warm waters of the Caribbean, when Rick sails, he’s jotting down sailing lingo and observations, many of which make it into his songs. Don’t have a trip planned to the islands anytime soon? Inspired by books, trips, sailing and his home in the Bay area, Rick’s music transports you to sailing destinations without ever leaving home.”

Sailing magazine

Anegada is a poetic name he fell in love with it before he’d ever set eyes on the remote reef island. With his first experience sailing on a close reach from Virgin Gorda to Anegada, the fiery-red sunset and enormous lobsters inspired not just the CD, but the track “Anegada.””

— American Sailing Journal