Reviews One of the best country albums I've heard this year because of its blend of traditional and tongue-in-cheek flavors. It's daring, but not suicidal, and deserves to find its mark" --MusicDish Industry e-Journal It's no wonder Glaze is drawn to Country. He grew up outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and earned a master's from Vanderbilt University, just down the road from Nashville's Music Row. Once he got his feet on the ground professionally Glaze resumed a lifelong shadow career as a musician and songwriter." --Electronic Engineer Times (EE Times) And Swing Shift thinks he's not half bad, if you like Willie Nelson. We do". --San Jose Mercury News The Rick Glaze Band took the stage and blew the audience away. I am amazed at how the three of them get such a full robust sound. And the harmonies are great. I especially like that new song, 'Cool Nights in Santa Cruz'." --A Fan from San Francisco My Dot Com, Virtual Love, and Oscar Hammerstein, comment on the darker side of the Internet culture that had people coming in droves to Silicon Valley in search of easy money. The lyrics convey humor and wit; but delivered with Glaze's earnest singing, they come across as melancholy too." --Los Altos Town Crier (Los Altos, California) Rick's voice sounds like a younger Tom Petty, and definitely Country (minus the fiddle and strangled guitar sound). The guy sang and wrote songs in Nashville for years. Now based on his western skin probably, 3 of 12 songs here have sprouted definite Silicon Valley wings." --MusicDish Industry e-Journal My dot-com done come and gone The wheels came off and it didn't take long All that venture capital's spent And our Web site didn't even make a cent. --Lyrics to "My Dot-Com" by Silicon Valley songwriters Rick Glaze and David Pace." --St. Petersburg Times (Florida) Well the balance sheet-balladeer has finally hit it big." --San Jose Mercury News Glaze weighs in on life in Silicon Valley, filtered through his country-western sensibilities fostered growing up outside Nashville. from Oscar Hammerstein: Oscar's IPO went out without a hitch/the stock shot to 200 just like a rocket ship/he put $7 million in a little bungalow/he bought two BMW's and a Cottage in Tahoe. Another standout track is Beach Down in the Islands, with lyrics influenced by The Pelican Brief and featuring a rumbling rhythm with some tasteful steel guitar playing." --Los Altos Town Crier (Los Altos, California) Glaze has written a number of songs since his CD came out a little more than a year ago. They include other songs about local places such as Dumbarton Bridge and Cool Nights in Santa Cruz." --EE Times”

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