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Ralph & Murray

Indie Book of the Month—Kirkus Reviews
Travel along with Ralph and his sidekick, Murray, as they narrate the story of the author’s fictional family in the carwash with Elvis blaring out “Hound Dog,” spirit people in the attic, and a treacherous sailing trip around Cape Horn. Why do pencils have erasers, and who eats alligators for lunch? Ralph and Murray have the answers. Meet Uncle Buck and don’t miss a single hilarious adventure of Ralph and Murray.
“A funny, smartly observant, and philosophical animal tale; a heartwarming read.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

“A warm, amusing novel offering a dog’s-eye-view of 1950s Americana.”–BookLife Publishers Weekly.

“If you grew up in Murfreesboro, this book is a ‘must read.’ Or, if you just want some comic relief, this is just the book for you.”
—VIP Magazine.

“Ralph & Murray is an incredible, unique, and unforgettable book that will take readers on a journey that will be unlike anything a reader has read before!”

—Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

Spanish Pieces of Eight

“Glaze’s feeling for maritime adventures and beauty is inviting”; “puzzles, mysteries, a touch of suspense, and sea breezes. As a thriller, it’s an enticing tour of a region the author knows well.”—BookLife Reviews, Publisher’s Weekly.
“In terms of writing, the real stars for me are the British Virgin Islands themselves. Lovingly and lavishly described, there’s no doubt Rick Glaze… has a real affection for these small gems of the Caribbean. Anyone who has been there will recognize them intimately. Anyone who hasn’t will likely want to go.” —Caribbean Compass magazine.

From the grave Richard Dennison catapults his squabbling four children into a hunt for a vast treasure-trove of Spanish gold and silver coins. Can they discover a fortune or do the clues evade them and the prize lost forever? If you read only one book this year, this is it. Action, adventure, family strife, Caribbean wonderland, plenty of gold and silver, and characters you can sink your teeth into!

Jackass: A Short Story Collection

“Just completed the book. I loved both the Brass Monkey and Jackass so much. I will keep them handy to read when I want to laugh out loud.”—Reader Review

“This is a collection of short stories, just right for reading while grabbing breakfast or when you need a lighthearted break away from everyday life. I reread the namesake story, Jackass, 3 times and laughed just as hard each time. You will be following along to see who wins..” —Reader Review

“My husband and I like reading books by Rick Glaze because what he writes about are places/happenings that he has “been there and done that” most of the time.
Also, in his books, as in the Jackass short story, there is more to the story than is obvious. Mr. Glaze wants you to think about the brief encounters of all the characters that meet Bob because his mule has decided to go no farther. So is life. Read and Enjoy!”
—Reader Review

“Balls on a Brass Monkey brought back fond memories of my Father-in-law who researched old sailing ships and first told me about the origin of the saying. I would love to have been the Daughter, but not sure I could have kept from laughing as the tale unfolded.” —Reader Review

Short stories are a unique writing medium and a treat for a novelist and songwriter. Like songwriting, a short story is a way to deliver a punch with a single idea or “hook” as the Nashville cats call it. You’re going to love these laugh-out-loud stories.

The Purple River

Amazon #1 New Release
“On the whole it was a page turner: exciting enough to keep you reading, but not too fluffy, deep or intense to turn you off. The rafting adventure keeps you turning the pages, and the romance is well delivered.”—MOONSHINE INK
“The setting of a kayak trip is a great backdrop for the deeper conversations and bonds that are formed on this trip.”—Sweeps4Bloggers Web Review
Jackson and an old college friend join a group of kayakers in a trip down Idaho’s Salmon River in what is supposed to be a relaxing getaway from everyday life. But soon, a flooded, swollen river upends their peaceful float, uncovering danger, deceit, and a battle for survival. Packed with action and suspense, the Purple River is a story you will not want to miss!

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Meet The Author

Rick Glaze

Rick Glaze Sailing

Rick Glaze published the kayaking adventure, The Purple River in 2021, Spanish Pieces of Eight, a sailing adventure/mystery, and Jackass a Short Story Collection in 2022. He was a Columnist at San Francisco’s Nob Hill Gazette, attended the Stanford University Creative Writing Program, and is a graduate of Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, and MTSU.

He is an award-winning songwriter with two CDs, a Pandora radio station, credits on Country Music Television (CMT), BBC Radio, as well as radio airplay. Rick has rafted the Grand Canyon, the Salmon and Rogue Rivers as well as sailed throughout the Caribbean Sea.

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