"Anegada Caribbean Breeze", the new CD, when hot off the press, was available throughout the Virgin Islands including Foxy's Bar, the Soggy Dollar Bar, Anegada Reef Hotel, Captain's Corner locations in St. Thomas, BVI Yacht Management in Road Town and on CDBaby.com, Amazon.com and all internet download sites. Songs cover the sailing life and other topics important to sailors like love, beer and lobsters. Get your copy right away.

Caribbean Breeze

“Caribbean Breeze” was written in Jamaica while touring the beaches and the countryside. I was struck by the slow, simple life in the Blue Mountain Range. A friend, who knows the Islands well, pointed out an avocado tree growing wild. It wasn’t trimmed up, neat and accessible by ladder like the groves in California, but instead was huge and sprawling, and part of the canopy of the forest. The avocados were randomly growing throughout and routinely picked by small boys climbing as high as they could and shaking the trees like mad. Mangos were there, too. Standing on the peaks looking out at the sea with the breeze blowing, further inspired this song.


Before I set eyes on this island, I wanted to write a song with its poetic name. For two hours sailing on a close reach from North Sound, Virgin Gorda, everyone on the boat was singing the old rock hit, “Ine Gada de Vita,” just to throw me off, I’m sure. Arriving at the waypoint, the cruiser’s guide says “turn east to 50 degrees when you see the house with the white roof”. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that on Anegada. Our boat sat on a shallow, eight feet of crystal-clear water over a white sand floor. A fiery-red sunset and a few enormous lobsters further inspired this song.

Cool Nights in Santa Cruz

After one of my first sailing trips to the Islands, I took a short drive to Santa Cruz, south of San Francisco. I walked along the Boardwalk and soaked up the ambiance of this lively scene. A big clipper ship sailed across the mouth of Monterey Bay that afternoon. A few weeks passed and a friend invited me to a wine tour at the Byington Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. After a look at the casks, we strolled through the pinot noir vineyards. The vintner explained that this grape variety makes the best wine because of the “cool nights.” With clipper ships and cool nights, this song was born. What a haunting descant that Georgia Glaze sings on the chorus!

"Silicon Cowboy" In his 1st CD, Rick uses his business and financial experiences for his unique and poetic look at Silicon Valley in his debut album, "Silicon Cowboy" which could have easily been called, "My view of the Dot Com Internet fiasco in Silicon Valley on the Nightly Financial News." And sensitive ballads like, "Mississippi Goodbye," "Over," and "One More Tear" make this a well-rounded album that is a joy to listen to start to finish.

In songs such as, "My Dot Com", Rick gives us his humorous insight into everyday people's zealous expectations for wealth and prosperity as they bet it all on 'flash in the pan' Internet companies that are here today and take their investors for a 'crashing ride' tomorrow. In "Oscar Hammerstein," we see a 'virtual' country music drama of those individuals who personally came to Silicon Valley to get rich quick, only to see that dream collapse around them. It is a modern day story of the desperate search for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Rick also touches on how the Internet has changed the way people interact with one another. Penned with songwriter David Pace, his tongue-in-cheek song "Virtual Love" documents how the computer and the Internet have not only replaced real relationships but also allowed people to truly shelter themselves by hiding behind fake 'virtual' personas. Rick has been a singer/songwriter for more than three decades and has continued to write alongside career and family. Sensitive lyrics and memorable melodies are the benchmark of his songs about cars, traffic, jobs and lovers.

"...Another standout track is 'Beach Down in the Islands,' with lyrics influenced by 'The Pelican Brief' and featuring a rumbling rhythm with some tasteful steel guitar playing." --Los Altos Town Crier (Los Altos, California). "Beach" was featured on CMT's (Country Music Television) popular reality show, Cowboy U, in Molokai in 2004/05.